Elise Boers

Dutch blogger in New York City

I interviewed the lovely Elise Boers. She and her sister Vita are the creative force behind www.blondetigers.com and their YouTube channel Blonde Tigers, dedicated to fashion and New York. Elise moved from Amsterdam to New York in 2014, I am curious about her reasons to do so and about her life in New York.

It seems like a dream come true: Living in New York together with your sister Vita. Why did you move from Amsterdam to New York?
In the past few years I visited New York many times and during those visits I fell in love with the city. Last year I decided to make the move and till this day I have absolutely no regrets. I study Business English at the moment.

What kind of work did you do when you still lived in Amsterdam?
I worked as a consultant for fashion brands. I advised them on how to develop a good social media presence and on how to interact with their audience.

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You live in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan. Why did you choose to live there?
Manhattan can be a hectic place where as Brooklyn is so relaxed and calm. I live in Williamsburg. It feels a bit like Amsterdam actually. You can easily cycle around and there are many cool hotspots where you can hang out. You find a lot of young and creative people in the area. The hipster rumor is definitely true. I love it because I get to meet many interesting people. Plus, the rent in Brooklyn is much lower than it is in Manhattan.

How did you and your sister come up with the idea of starting the blog blondetigers.com? 
Last year my sister and I toyed with the idea of starting a blog. We thought it would be kind of fun to show our friends and fmaily what we were up to in New York. We didn’t expect the blog to get so popular so fast though. At the moment we are busy working on our blog on a daily basis.

What’s your blog about?
Our blog is a combination of fashion posts and stories about cool hotspots in New York. We share our outfits and we love writing about new gems we discover in the city.

What are your future plans for the blog? Are there any collaborations coming up?
During the last couple of weeks we had some fun meetings with fashion brands about possible collaborations. Unfortunately I can’t reveal any info but do keep an eye on our blog for news. We are launching our own Youtube channel very soon. It is a show about our adventures and daily life in New York. We are very exited about it because it is so different then what we are used to doing for our blog. The great thing about video is that we can show who we truly are. Compared with the photos you see on our Instagram and blog, it is more authentic.

How would you describe your life in NYC? Living the dream of hard work?
My life in New York is definitely a dream and an amazing experience. Every day offers a new adventure and I meet the coolest people. Living here is very inspiring. People are so ambitious, it makes you want to chase your own dreams and work hard to get there. You don’t see that often in Amsterdam. It’s a totally different level of commitment. New York can be a tough place. I just have to look at my sister Vita. She’s a professional dancer and the competition here is crazy. Fortunately she is doing really well and gets booked for amazing gigs.

Friday night or Sunday morning in NYC?
Absolutely Friday night! This was my favorite night of the week when I lived in Amsterdam and those nights are even better in New York! Friday night is our ‘holy night’ and reserved for crazy adventures. We always start with dinner and drinks in the City (most of the time in SoHo) and we usually end up in some club. Actually, more than one club, because we are all over the place on Friday night.

What do you miss most about Amsterdam?
I miss my friends and family obviously but thank god for FaceTime. I also miss cheese a lot! American cheese is disgusting and tastes like plastic. You can find good cheese in New York but it is freaking expensive.

How long do you plan to stay in NYC?
I will be here for at least one more year and hopefully longer.

And after that? Back to Amsterdam or time for a new city?
To be honest, I am not sure if I want to go back to Amsterdam. I can picture myself living in California. The beach, the weather and the Californian attitude are very tempting…



Best terrace: cafe standard

Cafe Standard in the East Village. It has an intimate garden with old 60s style patio furniture – perfect for drinks on a Sunday afternoon. I really like the atmosphere here. Definitely upscale but laid-back at the same time, somehow.

25 Cooper Sq, East Village


Salads: The Butcher's Daughter

This vegetarian cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and almost everything is vegan. Their salads are to die for. Love to hang out on their lovely sidewalk terrace.

19 Kenmare St, Nolita


Favorite hotel: Soho Grand Hotel

A totally industrial, gorgeous and artistic space with plenty of cosy couches where you can totally relax. The ultimate place to soothe you after dealing with traffic and people all day. After you have been brought back to life, you can start the party in the Club Room on the same floor and dance the night away among the young elite of NYC.

310 West Broadway, Soho


Fresh juices: Juice Press

You can describe your symptoms to the staff – tired, poor skin, stomach ache, no energy, cold – and they make a special smoothie to cure you. How amazing is that?


Favorite touristy place: High Line

The High Line is a long park built on an elevated section of a disused railroad and perfect for long walks on a summer night.


Night club: Happy ending

Creative and arty crowd, good dance music.

302 Broome St, Lower East Side


Cocktails with a view: Wythe hotel

The top of this hotel has one of the best views in the city, in my opinion. This is what I would consider to be Williamsburg’s premier spot for cocktails. The view is not the only draw: The bartenders could pass for Calvin Klein models. The vibe compliments the neighborhood – young, hipster. Lots and lots of beautiful people AND selfies everywhere.

80 whyte Avenue, Brooklyn


Favorite hair salon: Julien Farel

Julien Farel, in Upper East Side, has an amazing team of experts for any type of hair. It’s one of the most prestigious hair salons in NYC.

540 Park Avenue, Upper East Side


Laptop + coffee: why not coffee

Best working spot ever. During the day it is super crowded with hardworking people typing on their laptops like maniacs. After 7pm there is a no-laptop policy and it turns into a cute wine place with live music. Love it!

175 Orchard Street, Lower East Side


Favorite gallery: David Zwirner

One of New York’s better known galleries. It is a massive space taking up the ground floors of several buildings on the block.

525 W 19th St, Chelsea


Favorite Museum: MOMA

This museum has fantastic exhibitions, from very well known and talented artists. Definitely worth your while to come in early and spend an afternoon there.

11 W 53rd St, Midtown


Coffee + pastries: Bottega Falai

Not your regular coffee shop; it’s an Italian deli. It is the Italian vibe that attracts me. Original Italian coffee, made with love, and served by Italian people. Their sandwiches are amazing. Especially the focaccia with mozzarella and prosciutto. I always sit at the window and watch people passing by. Good to know: Their wifi is superfast, so I do many of my FaceTime sessions with my friends in Amsterdam out there.

267 Lafayette St, Nolita


Coffee to go: La Colombe

A very popular coffee shop with amazing coffee. Simple interior without any distractions. It’s all about their coffee. You pay 4 bucks for a small latte, but hey, just wait until you see what ‘small’ looks like in the US.

270 Lafayette St, Soho

NYC guide Elise Boers / NYC

Brooklyn hotspot: Cafe Colette

My sister and I call it our second home. The atmosphere is very Parisian-sidewalk-cafe. Facing the sun with a glass of white wine and watching the activity surrounding you.

79 Berry St, Brooklyn.

NYC guide Elise Boers / NYC

Favorite neighborhood: nolita

Nolita is my favorite neighborhood in NYC. It’s a vibrant area with many cute restaurants, great bars and amazing boutiques.


Favorite Brunch: Balthazar

One of the few places where you can eat delicious French food. It feels like you are in an old-school Parisian restaurant.

80 Spring St, Soho


Favorite place for dinner: Rubirosa

I have a soft spot for pizza. Rubirosa in Nolita has the best pizzas ever! The small size is actually so big that you can share it easily with your dinner date. Make sure you come in early because sometimes you have to wait 90 minutes before you get a table.

235 Mulberry St, Nolita


Rooftop: Le Bain

One of my favorite rooftops is the grass-covered Le Bain on top of the Standard Hotel in Meatpacking. The view is stunning: it overlooks the Hudson and the High Line. Unbeatable. We love to come here during the day and play around. The lounge beds are very comfy, the cocktails are amazing and the crowd is cool.

848 Washington St, Meatpacking District