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Brooklyn is currently New York’s second favorite of its five boroughs. Up until 1883 this area could only be reached by ferry, but all that changed when the Brooklyn Bridge, one of New York’s most iconic landmarks was build. Brooklyn is a melting pot of nationalities and cultures. Its popularity has increased enormously in recent years and so have the prices of real estate. Williamsburg is its most popular neighborhood. Formerly a community of Jews, Puerto Ricans and Italians, in 1900 artists from Manhattan began to move to this area. Now it’s the place to be for hipsters, creatives, musicians, artisans and artists. Bedford Avenue, one stop with the L train from Manhattan into Brooklyn, is the center of Williamsburg. Brooklyn is slower-paced, it breathes quiet and peace compared to the bustle of Manhattan. There are some great hotspots here that are not to be missed!

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Food & Drinks / NYC / Brooklyn

Maison Premiere: cute oyster bar in Brooklyn

Maison Premiere is a very intimate and dreamy cocktail and oyster house. Sitting here feels like being in a ...

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Food & Drinks / NYC / Brooklyn

Reynard: hipster place in Brooklyn

Reynard, located in an old textile factory built in 1901, has been transformed into the Wythe hotel - an ...

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Food & Drinks / NYC / Brooklyn

Mast Brothers Chocolate: Willy Wonka in Brooklyn

Is this chocolate? Look at all those amazing prints! Two bearded brothers, Rick and Michael Mast, create these ...

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Food & Drinks / NYC / Brooklyn

Toby's Estate Coffee: Coffee to go in Brooklyn

Brooklyn locals have their favorite when it comes to coffee-to-go: Toby’s Estate Coffee. You can get a ...

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