East Village & LES

Edgy and creative neighborhoods
  • CityNew York
  • SubwayEast Village:
    6 to Astor Place
    L to 3av

    Lower East Side:
    F to 2av
    F J M Z to delanc.-essex st
  • Citi bikeEast Village:
    St Marks Pl & 1 Ave
    E 3 St & 1 Ave

    Lower East Side:
    Allen & Rivington St
    Rivington & Chrystie St

Though both East Village (EV) and Lower East Side (LES) have lost some of their rawness, they continue to have an edgy bite to them. The ambience cannot be compared to the romance and class of West Village or Upper East Side. East Village used to be part of the Lower East Side, but during the 1960s the area developed its own culture and identity. Low rents attracted many musicians, students, hippies and artist to the low brick buildings. Andy Warhol promoted a series of multimedia shows in the village in the early sixties. Eventually the East Village transformed into a neighborhood with a vibrant night life. It sports a ton of restaurants; from cheap diners to upscale eateries and cocktails bars. Lower East Side (LES), one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, has traditionally been an immigrant neighborhood, most notably Jewish immigrants. During the early 1900s churches became Jewish synagogues and tenement buildings were crowded with families. Remainders of LES’s lower- and working-class past can still be found. Nowadays the new generation is re-discovering the LES and restaurants, contemporary art galleries, lounges and vintage boutiques spring up all over the place.

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City guide Pieternel / NYC

I love the mix of people in the East Village, everyone is the way they are. I really like to live in this neighborhood.